NaNoWriMo-part III

And here we are on day 4 novels. I’m actually on a 3 day, because I didn’t really start writing until Saturday. But that doesn’t get me off the hook for the number of words. I’m a little behind I hope to catch up in the next couple of days and maybe get a little buffer. In the end, life is not on vacation due to NaNoWriMo. Here’s the next installment with a reminder that it is without any editing. This will come in the next month.


Gen. Duran celebrated his second in command, drifting on the bridge. “The thought that you will find your way up here. Michelle tell you everything that’s going on? ”

“No, Sir, except you have her call us up a day early and prepare for the round table in a couple of hours. I think it must be quite large. Are there any signs that the Alliance is involved with the situation at Freyr? “Contreras asked while sliding into his station and begin to educate its screens. He missed the sight Exchange pilot and his commander.

“It is not something we can say. And this is the part that causes concern. Justin, why don’t you fill the XO at what happened over the last couple of hours, “Duran said, looking toward the pilot, Justin Nguyen. “And Sergio, I understand your head could fog a little more in it from just waking up, but do you really want to draw attention and to study the evidence.

Listen to Lt. Nguyen fill his activities during the past two hours, and seeing the reports from ships sensors made XO suspect that corporal Griegs gave him a package with a mild stimulant it is exactly for this reason.


General John Bushnell quickly strode through the corridors of the Office building, where lay the planetary Government Freyr. His behavior was focused, as always, but that displaced people from its path was mixed air concern and urgency that seemed to emanate from his essence. That and the fact that he still looked like he could take on an enemy squad one order, despite the fact that more than sixty years. Upon reaching his destination, he briefly knocked on the door as a courtesy before placing his hand on the plate at the side door. His position as Commander-in-Chief of planet military gave him full access to every room. Doors open whispered, and he quickly stepped on the table and a woman seated behind him. “Well, we knew this day would come. And it looks like he finally arrived, he simply said.

Stately woman looked up from her screen and studied The briefly before saying anything. “The EGF?” was all she asks.

“Yes, Ma’am, I believe so. And if I had to bet, I would say, a special ops team, “he replied.

Yvonne Kryzynski was a civil administrator for the planet and waited for this day to happen over the past year. She sighed heavily and leaned back in his chair. “John, Please sit down. You know what I hate is when you’re standing there all at attention. We are still here. Please sit and then tell me what you know, “she said, gesturing to a Chair towards her Office.

“I really don’t say we are equal. You head on the planet. I’m just a humble military man “,” the General said, as he himself is in fairly comfortable leather armchairs.

Yvonne chuckled at his comment. “You’re much more than a military man, although I agree that in many ways you are very humble people. But, you are a very intelligent and capable man, which is where you are today. ”

“Perhaps, but you and I understand why we are where we are today.” The Bushnell noted her scowl and raised his hand to prevent any rebuttal. “Let me get to why I’m here,” quickly get down to business. “I really don’t know anything, but the evidence points in that direction. Earlier today, the readings from our far milsats showed anomalies. There was even a lock sensor for 0.42 seconds on something. And I must say that I could be completely wrong, and he was just an asteroid on the very edge of our range of detection. ”

“But it’s not something you really believe or you would not be here,” she replied with a hint of softness to her voice. “Now stop being political, I know, old habits die hard, but those old ways. Isn’t that one of the reasons we chose the way we did? These old ways were poisonous to our soul to the very essence of what being human is all about. Now just tell me what you know, what you believe, and most importantly, what you feel. ”

Looking at his hands the General considered that she speaks and understands the truth behind the words. “Okay, here goes. Our distance sensors milsat discovered something. We don’t know that. Analysts, who consider the data that everyone agrees that something there and headed this way, even though the actual evidence, that is. My guess is if we had not been implemented new artificial intelligence programming in milsats a few weeks ago, we would not detect anything. Not that we actually found anything. I even had the programmers are switching AI Programming to ensure that it is okay and not just trying to make something out of nothing. “He paused to reconsider what he meant to say, and so my best guess is the ship headed our way.”

“And you think this EGF warship, otherwise you wouldn’t be sitting here talking to me right now,” Kryzynski administrator finished his unspoken thoughts. Leaning her head back, she studied sunlight reflecting on the ceiling of the tiny decorative prisms on the long, narrow screen tables near the window for her Office. “Well, we knew that eventually it will happen. I mean it was just over a year since we quarantine ourselves from the EGF. We knew that they would eventually come looking for us, check to see what is happening here. ” She paused and considered thought for a moment before continuing, “I take it don’t believe it can be ship Alliance? They will be so bold as to try and attack us thinking we were still part of the Federation?

“This issue has been raised and carefully at a discount. As I will explain, you’ll see why, he quickly added, noting the questioning look at Yvonne more beautiful face. “Yes I believe this is the EGF. Direction of anomalies, for lack of a better term, is completely outside the Alliance territory. There’d be no way they can successfully pass that many Federation places without being detected and attacked. In addition it took several decades for the Alliance attacked the Federation Planet without provocation. All they want is to be free from the EGF do as they please. As much as we want, “concluded the Bushnell.

“Maybe we should just join Agerion Alliance as we all seem to want the same thing,” she said with a smile that quickly disappeared seeing gaze common Bushnell gave her. “I’m sorry John. It was a bad joke. I understand, though there may be some basic similarities between our desires and the Alliance, there is a lot more opposition. “sitting and looking directly at military man sitting nearby she asked with a serious tone,” do you think that this is an invasion force? This is indeed something that we can protect ourselves from? ”

“No, no, it’s not Yvonne invasion force,” he said, sitting forward and placing a comforting hand on her. “It is a reconnaissance vehicle in all probability. Special operations command probably do intelligence gathering, observe and report type stuff. And I think it will be special operations command 10 (space), commanded by major Michael Duran. ”

“Actually? Why is this team? “alert to what General.

John Bushnell allowed himself a chuckle at this, “I probably never told you this although you could find out any number of ways, but I was the Commander General of the EGF of the special forces for five years, before making the appointment. This was before you had been appointed to this post. In fact, many years ago, when I was Mayor, I was the Commander for 10 hundred (space) with still wet behind the ears Lieutenant by the name of Michael Duran just out of the Academy. I tell you all this because you need to understand 10 hundred is the absolute best spec ops unit out there. They work totally independent and can get in and out of the area, before you even realized that something might be. The unit, which would send if it was up to me. ”

Yvonne let info swirl in my head for a couple minutes before speaking further. “You know, this major? And do you really think that this is only one vessel in fact finding mission? ”

An older gentleman leaned back in his chair and smiled. He looked out the window, as if seeing far away when he spoke. Yes only one vessel. There are plans for a stealth ship only for special ops teams, which would allow them to get into a very hostile place undetected. The idea was to use them to collect, as well as sabotage of enemy positions and installations. ”

“The meaning of ‘ Alliance ‘” Yvonne interjected.

“The Meaning Of Alliance. When I was transferred from the special operations they just beginning production. Of course I no longer had access to any of this information, but I’ve heard rumors that the construction was complete and running the tests were going on about two years ago, when a situation occurs here. Obviously, it will go to 10 cells. As I said, that they really are the best of the best. And to answer your question, I knew very well major Duran and respected him immensely. He is a very intelligent person who always seems to be a gut feeling about it. He was a great soldier and SOT. Two things that really make it stand out is that he was a thinker. He never took anything at face value. He can look at the situation and see the possibilities no one even considered. The other was he really cared for their soldiers. He did not see them as subordinates, but rather as human beings and equal. If one of his subordinates offer he would listen and give it the full attention it deserves, “the General concluded.

Given this bit of information about the team leader, which was soon likely to be on their planet Yvonne asked, “if so, do you think that he is someone who will review our position, if it was explained? May his loyalty to the Federation shake? ”

There were several minutes of silence as The thought hard on what was asked for. “If there is anyone that could see our side, it would be major Duran. I honestly don’t know if his allegiance may be changed, although I believe that he at least would consider what happened here and what happened to us. This is the best answer I can give you, Yvonne.

“Very well. Try to find out if they come side of the planet, and then I think you should try and contact him. Talk to him. See if you can get it to understand our situation. I believe we must decide what to do from there, “the Administrator said, turning suddenly very business like.

“I will do all I can. I can not promise more than “, the General said standing up to leave.

“And John?” Yvonne as the pleading turned to leave. «Be careful. We need you. I need you. ««««Please? ”

With a small smile and wink, he replied: “I will do the best that I can, Yvonne. With that he went back in the halls of big buildings to his team when you try to decide how he will pull off this miracle, which had been placed on his shoulders.

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