NaNoWriMo-part III

And here we are on day 4 novels. I’m actually on a 3 day, because I didn’t really start writing until Saturday. But that doesn’t get me off the hook for the number of words. I’m a little behind I hope to catch up in the next couple of days and maybe get a little buffer. In the end, life is not on vacation due to NaNoWriMo. Here’s the next installment with a reminder that it is without any editing. This will come in the next month. ———- Gen. Duran celebrated his second in command, drifting on the bridge. “The thought that you will find your way up here. Michelle tell you everything that’s going on? ” “No, Sir, except you have her call us up a day early and prepare for the round table in a couple of hours.Continue reading… NaNoWriMo-part III

NaNoWriMo – Installment II

OK, here is the next installment. As before, this is a first draft, very rough and not edited at all. That will come next month after I’ve got this finished. You have been warned. ———— “Yes, Major,” she responded quickly moving to the hatchway to leave the bridge. The Corporal caught herself on the hatch frame and spun around to face her commander. “Sir, you do realize it usually takes four hours for full alertness coming out of hiber-sleep? The team might not be at their best for the meeting”, she stated fully expecting what the response would be. Without hesitation Major Duran said, “If anyone does not seem to have fully come out before the meeting, you are authorized to use stims. I need them fully present. We have a lot to go over with little intel at thisContinue reading… NaNoWriMo – Installment II

NaNoWriMo-part 1

As promised, here is my first installment of the story I'm writing for novels. I can't promise that there will be daily updates but updates will be very often. That is, if life gets in the way. So for fun you I give you in the beginning of "Duran" dilemma. A reminder that this is the first project with very limited editing. I tried to catch spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, big but it's a very rough draft. You have been warned. ————— Mayor Michael Duran studied expression on the face of Lieutenant Nguyen switch back and forth between absolute concentration and perplexing.  After watching the performance major Duran broke the silence, which has hanging on the bridge, "is there a problem with my ship, Lieutenant? It is practically brand new, so don't tell me that you've broken something. "Continue reading… NaNoWriMo-part 1