NaNoWriMo-part 1

As promised, here is my first installment of the story I'm writing for novels. I can't promise that there will be daily updates but updates will be very often. That is, if life gets in the way. So for fun you I give you in the beginning of "Duran" dilemma. A reminder that this is the first project with very limited editing. I tried to catch spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, big but it's a very rough draft. You have been warned.


Mayor Michael Duran studied expression on the face of Lieutenant Nguyen switch back and forth between absolute concentration and perplexing.  After watching the performance major Duran broke the silence, which has hanging on the bridge, "is there a problem with my ship, Lieutenant? It is practically brand new, so don't tell me that you've broken something. "

Not looking up from his display and control of Justin Nguyen replied, "nothing broken, Sir. I'm just getting some very strange readings from the sensors. It almost seems that long-range tracking of Freyr in milsats almost get lock on us. "

"Could you explain yourself? This ship has the latest in stealth technology. I was there to test the sensors had to be half a kilometer to get any type of reading, not to mention the interlock switch. "And those were the latest sensors, which have yet to be deployed, so there's no way in hell that Freyr in milsats have those." Duran's voice was low, but threatening.

Justin looked briefly at his commander, then returning to the cryptic information on its display. "I wish I could explain it, Sir, but I can't," he said. "It doesn't make any sense. I ran a full system scan on the active stealth tech and it performs to specifications. The vessel is as sound as the day he came from space dock. Nevertheless, somehow keep milsats, getting our immediate scan area is if they get some type of return, that something could be here. I just don't know what it is, "he finished, explaining at the time furiously work the controls in his station.

Major leaned back in his chair and studied a small video screen just to the right of it. In the Center was a small round blue object that represents their final destination, the planet of Freyr. Now, it's been two years since Earth Galactic Federation lost contact with this planet. The last communiqué from Freyr indicated that administration of the planet itself and asked to quarantine without further contact. The first hint of any kind of problems was the reports of unknown infection that causes auditory hallucinations, leading some people to commit suicide.

After the sudden collapse of communications have led some of the highest officials of the EGF speculate Freyr use alleged illness as an excuse to withdraw from the Federation and possibly join the rebel Alliance Agerion.  The Alliance formed after the planet Ageria and several other condemned perceived draconian measures EGF posted on its colonized planet. Over the years, the Alliance has grown as more planets broke from the Federation and the planet that they colonized. The two factions were at different levels of war for more than a hundred years.  There was a lull in actual hostilities over the past 20 years, but recent signs showed that the Alliance, massive building their forces while the EGF exploration have yet to discover their exact intentions. For these reasons, major Duran and his 10 special operations command (SPACEBAR) were chosen for the penetration of Freyr and identify changes.

Duran looked and inspected his bridge. Hermes was a prototype stealth ship designed specifically for deployment of special operation commands in hostile areas without detection. Boss closely involved him during development and testing taking into account his criticisms and suggestions. In many respects, this really was his ship with everything he could have wanted. He considered all systems on board and reviewed its own display, before asking the next question, is it possible that someone damaged the actual ship structures during sleep hiber? Can that possibly be damage can revert to their sensors? "Trip Freyr from the ground takes a little more than six months and was the type of sleep hiber suspended animation, is used to reduce the tedium of a long journey, as well as reduce the time required for this. During sleep hiber computers ship made all navigation and monitoring the State of the crew. The Commander, pilot and Medic were the first to be awaken at approximately ten days prior to arrival at destination. The remaining crew members then were revived several days later to allow time to adjust from sleep and further their mission plan details as additional information was available.

Lieutenant Nguyen knew his commander long enough to know that his abilities were not questioned, but rather out loud all avenues for a mystery. It was like he worked through all the hard problems. "If there was any structural damage, it can potentially be a point that can cause echo sensor. But this is not the case here. Computer records show not penetrating the deflector screen during the trip. In addition, all that can be accessed through the deflector screen brings up the hull and that's what we'll know. "Justin continued adjustment of the ships systems at a steady pace while giving his answer. "In addition, one of the first things that I'm from hiber-sleep was to send an unmanned check ship every millimeter of the Firefly surface. There is no violation on the ship. It's like the day we left.

The commander said the sudden tense look his face pilot, followed a barrage of finger and hand manipulation of the above control system. "The report, Lieutenant," he ordered quickly by looking at its own display to try and define the actions of the pilot.

"You're not going to believe," he said after several other changes have been made to his Office. "They actually had the sensor locks on us for 0.42 seconds," said Nguyen. "I think I have beat him, though. I have an active system, arbitrarily rotating absorbing frequencies. Should be kept away until we get closer, and they begin to search with their short-range stuff. I would like to say another two days. He carefully studied indication another moment before continuing, "Yes, looks like we're all good now. Their milsats is no longer focused on this area. Return to normal template verification. "

"Those near locks were from the far milsats? I was wondering if they threw up some milsats at a much higher orbit, and that is why we have got. " Duran had settled back in his chair, contemplating this new information. "If scan will operate within the EGF specifications or no signs may be technical Alliance?" he asked.

"It's all Federation, Sir. At least scan. I can't say anything with regard to processing that occurs. We couldn't get our hands on one of the new Alliance milsats take apart and see what makes them tick. I've heard some pretty wild rumors about their capabilities, but the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Anyway, now there is nothing to suggest that there is a Technology Alliance participates here. "Lieutenant Nguyen swivels his chair to face Mayor. "They just may have some quite clever people on this planet, and they've done some modernization of its own. If so, I would not mind meeting those minds and find out what they did. "

"That can be dangerous. We have no clue about what is happening there. They may be sick or they could have decided to see if the grass was greener on Alliance side of the fence ". Another reason seemed to try and merge at the edges of his mind without success and Michael shook his head to clear the thought. "I know what you mean, though. Keep at it and see if you can spot anything new. And keep us hidden.

"Aye-Aye, Sir!" responded Nguyen and smartly returned to his console.

Gen. Duran turned around and through the eyes of a diminutive corporal, who quietly sat on her medical station, watching the drama play out in front of her. "Corporal Griegs, I know it's a day early, but I want to revive the rest of the crew from hiber sleep and gathered in the press briefing room at three o'clock. Realized? " Michelle Griegs was Medic group and is responsible for getting all the in and out of hiber sleep during the trip. On a mission she made the procedure the hotfixes and stitching WOUNDS, like any other military Medic. She was also very intelligent and fierce fighter. Its small size and looks have led many to believe that she was an easy target, including many in the 10 hundred (space). It only took a couple of her teammates, appearing suddenly on the ground with the heel of her boot half a centimeter from crushing their trachea, or some other area that will bring the excruciating pain. After these few meetings Michel was fully recognized and respected team.


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